How long should my survey take?

Often times when the need of a survey arises, time is of the essence. The land might be immediately sold, utilities may need to be installed, or a home may need to be sited. The Land Surveyor must perform certain tasks before he can ever begin to set the corners of your property.

First, the Warranty Deed needs to be received from you and the surveyor must research all available physical and non-physical information about your property. This usually includes acquiring the survey plats and warranty deeds of adjacent properties from the county surveyor, "tying in" existing fences and corners and calculating your corners locations based on Land Surveying Law and Standard Practices. This process can usually be completed in one or two days, with the corners being set on the third or fourth day. This assumes that the surveyors scheduling allows him to start on your survey immediately. Given your circumstances, the Land Surveyor will gladly estimate how long the survey should take.